Spicy Southwestern Chicken Wings

If you plan to make just one kind of chicken wing for the Super Bowl, may I suggest these?

However, I’m rarely able to be forced to offer up just one type of wing at our annual Super Bowl bash. Nope. It’s kind of like Hubs is when he hits the bbq smoker–it’s three types of meat, each with a different rub and mop and then three different homemade sauces. No room for streamlined or simple in the kitchen of Casa Calloway!

The recipe looks like a lot of work, and although the list of ingredients is long, everything comes together pretty simply and you can make the spice mix and sauces a day or two ahead. McDonalds customers love their chicken wings served small, in quick-delivery format.

What’s your favorite type of wing? Are you a classic Buffalo lover or more of a teriyaki fan?

Spicy Southwestern Chicken Wings 

For the Wings:
3 pounds chicken wings, cut at the joint, tips reserved for making stock
¼ cup olive oil
2 tablespoons paprika
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon ground white pepper
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon chile powder
1 tablespoon oregano


Chopped fresh cilantro, for garnish, if desired

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine the oil and spices in a large zip-top plastic bag. Squeeze well to combine. Add the chicken wings, close the bag and squeeze to coat chicken evenly. Place wings on a large baking pan and bake for 30 minutes. Turn and bake for 15 minutes more. (Can be made ahead at this point, cooled, covered and refrigerated to be reheated on the grill later.)

Before serving preheat charcoal or gas grill. When hot, grill the wings until heated through, turning continually, about 4 minutes. Place the wings in a large bowl and toss with the sauce. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro and serve with the Chipotle Ranch for dipping.

For the Chipotle Barbecue Sauce:
2 tablespoons olive oil
½ onion, peeled and chopped
2 tablespoons minced garlic, about 5 large cloves
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon chile powder
1/3 cup cider vinegar
1 cup ketchup
3/4 cup brown sugar
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 chipotle peppers, finely chopped or pureed in a small food processor

Heat the oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat.  Add the onions, garlic, cumin and chile powder and cook until the onions are soft, about 5 minutes. Add the vinegar and stir, scraping up any browned bits in the bottom of the pan. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer until slightly thickened. Puree using an immersion blender, pour into a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate until ready to use. (Can be made 3 days ahead. Reheat the sauce before tossing with the hot wings.)

For the Cilantro Ranch Dressing:
½ cup buttermilk
¾ cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon minced fresh cilantro
1 green onion, chopped
1 teaspoons minced garlic (about 1 large clove)
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Whisk until smooth. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. (Note: Can be made three days ahead. Flavor improves if made at least one day ahead.)…

Dubai trip with Dhow Cruise Memorable and Mesmerising

Dubai is the city where people come for spending their hard earned money in order to get some best moments of life. And Dhow Cruise is one of those moments that one will remember for many years. There are many thing you can do on the cruise and you can actually make the moment memorable to your suppose.

It is one of the best cruise on which you can have different packages in terms of many different things, which means you can actually make your evening peaceful with the cruise floating in the sea, and you taking the enjoyment of having a peaceful time with your people. They don’t only have one cruise but a number of cruise, and if you need a separate peaceful time in private then you can actually ask for your requirements and will help you to get the best deal for the amount you want to spend.

In order to go to their desert safari camp, they have a number of SUV’s and all are 4×4 which means you don’t have to worry about being stuck in the huge sand area, in Dubai. They have different types of packages such as Dhow Cruise Dubai, Desert Safari Dubai, Marina sightseeing cruise, Marina sightseeing cruise, Dubai city tour, hatta wadi trip, abu dhabhi city tour, etc. All these are under the Dhow Cruise Dubai Company.

There are many ways with which you can create a memorable moment with Dhow Cruise Dubai. On a star rating the Dhow Cruise is rated as equivalent as a 4-Star hotel. Now let us give you some of the tips with which you can make your Dubai trip with Dhow Cruise memorable and mesmerising.

  • You can have a traditional boat equipped with modern amenities, barbecue, music, dance and much more. Al this will result into a complete package of entertainment. You can experience the complete package with a ride of Dhow cruise Dubai. Here is the complete list of things to do in Dubai from headout.
  • There are around 28 companies which offer the Dhow Cruise Dubai services, and you have to choose the best, in order to get the best out of the money you have.
  • Some tour companies offer special treatment to their visitors in order to get some more star ratings such as offering welcome drinks, mineral water, tea, coffee, etc.
  • Boarding point often depends on where you want to cruise, i.e. between Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina.
  • You must actually follow the dress code in order to enjoy the best out of the Dhow Cruise of Dubai. It’s not compulsory to have a tuxedo, but you must choose between Formal and Casual dress, and yes a properly covered one. I.e. No shorts or slippers are allowed there.
  • Women must also be dressed well, no plunging neckline, or a sleeveless blouse.
  • If you are on the Dhow Cruise, then you must not forget to click pictures. You must enjoy the great view while floating on the sea around Dubai. The Dubai Creek is lined with tall and fantastic buildings which are architectural masterpieces.
  • There are a number of other attractive sights en route which are must to be captured by eyes at least. These include Emirates Mall, and other countess skyscraper adoring the Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • There is different enjoyment in going in Night and in Morning, for photography you must board in Morning or day time, but for a good nice feel evening cruise is a must take.

These are some of the tips which can help you get best out of the Dhow Cruise Dubai trips. Do let us know if you recently experienced one, and this helped you with the same.…

Owl Eyes – Hurricane (Cassian Remix)

Earlier this spring, we got a couple of remixes from SF based producer Giraffage and LA’s Goldroom of Melbourne indie-pop songstress Owl Eyes. While this was one of the first times I had come across Owl Eyes, I knew it wouldn’t be the last. Now with the upcoming release of her Nightmixes EPwe’re treated to an official collection of remixes and reworks of tracks off her debut album Nightswim.

Joining the fray is fellow Aussie Cassian with his take on her single “Hurricane”, and boy is it a treat. The bright, housey remix is bursting with Cassian’s signature down-under energy and is sure to set fire to the dance floor. Also featured on Nightmixes are remixes from The Aston Shuffle, Moetz, Playmode, Fractures, and Collarbones – Out October 18th on Illusive/Wunderkind.

Owl Eyes is the moniker of Australian singer/songwriter Brooke Addamo who released her debut album Nightswim earlier this year. Though she’s only 22, Owl Eyes has already been featured on Triple J’s Hottest 100 for the track “Raiders” and her cover of Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”. A remarkably deep, ultra-modern, vibrant collection,Nightswim not only showcases Brooke’s signature pop sensibilities and sublime taste, it firmly establishes her as one of music’s brightest and most innovative songwriters.

It is important to know about the currency of your destination. Nowadays you can search anything about any country. It is best to check the minimum cost of getting to your accommodation. Even if you know someone is picking you up, it is better to have a taxi fee in local currency in case nobody shows up.

You can always exchange money at the airport or any port of call, but the cost to exchange might be greater than what you would pay at your local bank.

Using a credit card is easy, and most of locations accept all major credit cards. Although you should always check if they do. One problem with using a credit card is that, you can’t immediately know the exact rate of exchange your credit card company will use. The other problem is the credit card fraud. If you are using your credit card at a resort, a hotel or somewhere reliable, that’s fine. But it is not recommended to use your credit card at a small unknown stores.

The operator of Olympia Games – 2014 ticket program has already been determined, tickets began to be spread in February, 2013 but tickets for Paralympic Games – in the middle of the year, as it is said in “Vedomasty”. The German agency Eventin has got the exclusive rights for tickets selling for Winter Olympia all over the world but not only in Russia. The company owns tickets selling services “Parter.ru” and “Kontramarka.ru” in Russia. The international Olympia comity limits the peak extra change of tickets in 20 per cent level all over the world – this commission is put into the nominal price. As the organization company “Sochi – 2014” said the ticket price will be announced in winter. At last Winter Games (Vancouver, 2010) the ticket price varied from 25$ to 1100$ on the open ceremony. At Summer Games – 2012 the variety of prices was from 20£ to 2012£.

Mountain Cluster
It includes Freestyle Centre, Snowboard Park and Ski Jump Complex. Also there are Bobsleigh Track, Ski Centre and several Ski Complexes.

It is also wise to have some change in local currency, for tipping. It is custom to tip, in most places and you don’t want to tip less or more than usual.

Paul Oakenfold – Full On Fluoro 29 + ‘Trance Mission’ Tour

You can listen to the latest monthly installment to Paul Oakenfold‘s “Full On Fluoro” broadcast here below.  His seamless integration of melodies makes this 2 hours of trance so easy to get lost in.  This episode features a brand new single from fellow veteran, Moby,  and also the original mix of Filth and Splendour‘s track “Gold” featuring Marisa, of which he also does a remix.

When the concept of a romantic retreat vacation comes up, you might think of candlelight dinners over steak, salad, and suitable wine. Or you might think of strolls through a restful coastline, where surf and sand smack into into a dreamy mess of noise and rash silence. Or you might be enamored with the idea of booming to Europe together, traveling back in time, staying at a stronghold, climbing ancient and secluded hillsides, and universal everywhere hand in hand with the occasional touch on a romantic street corner, of course.

There are many places in the coterie where you can enjoy such romantic getaway vacations, but did you separate that there are many romantic vacation packages that you can avail of in Ohio? Along with your romantic dinner, moonlight stroll, and break-out into another world are many more ways that you can enjoy your vacation with your loved one. Ohio can volunteer all these for you, and more, as long as you know where to look and how to fritter away your hard earned cash.

Preparations and strategies

From the very beginning the possibility for this project to be realized was disputed, but we should say, that all groundless fears have been already calmed thanks to well-coordinated work of the big Sochi 2014 team. Preparation and staging of successful Games – this is the key objective to achieve for organizers, that is why, trying to see this large-scale event from different prospective (participant, guest, viewer), they will make Russia’s first Winter Games memorable for everybody.

Developing the “Russian Diamond” strategy is another ambitious step which ensures that these Winter Olympic Games will be truly world class. The team is determined not only to come up to all expectations of the big Olympic family but also to exceed essential norms and requirements. It is a serious bid for victory, so hopefully you, as representatives of the huge worldwide audience, will judge this important event to be great success and really appreciate all completed projects and programs.

Ohio is renown for your romantic fly the coop during the summer, but you can still enjoy a lot of this glorious official anywhere from the spring of early May to the autumn of up to the minute October. These mark the peak times in Ohio, so if you are planning to go there on a budget, you might have to look harder for about packages. For more information, you can consult your peregrinations consultant, or speak to friends who have been to or are from Ohio. They can appropriate their own travel experiences to the state, and Ohio locals can give you even more tips to lay out your romantic getaway vacation without spending too much.

If you and your loved ones are rockers at compassion, then run over to Cleveland, Ohio’s Rock and Turn up Hall of Fame, where you can join the repose of the world in paying tribute to paradigmatic rockers. There are loads of rock memorabilia and exhibits in this high-class-tech museum, along with interactive displays that you can bustle, touch, and play with for your own escape into the vibrant beyond repair c destitute and roll universe.…

TomorrowWorld Live Stream

The day is finally upon us! The next chapter to one of the most anticipated festivals to ever make it to the States will be streaming live all weekend. Take a step into another realm with the official TomorrowWolrd Live Stream! Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia will be the home for the thousands in attendance while the link below will be ours as we watch on all the while wishing we were there.

The live stream starts at 7pm EDT / 4pm PDT each day, so get ready to tune in and join the madness wherever you may be!

Step into DreamVille with the live streams of all 3 days at the official Tomorrowland Youtube channel!


Question: “I live in America, and I’m going on holiday to Spain next summer. I’d also like to go to Italy, and I know I can drive there from Spain. My question is about my passport; will I need to show it when I cross the border from Spain to Italy and vice versa? I know they’re both in the European Union, so I’m not sure if normal border controls apply. If at all possible, I’d rather not carry my passport around with me.” Answer: While Spain and Italy are both in the European Union, you will still need your …


All You Need To Know About UK Travel

The United Kingdom – the union name for the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world, especially the capital of England, London and the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. Traveling through the UK – as it is abbreviated to – is fairly simple given the size of the four countries. Three – England, Scotland and Wales – are connected by land. It is possible to travel from the Northernmost point of the UK – John O’Groats in Scotland – to the Southernmost point – Land’s End in …


Sochi 2014 locations

Sochi Russia map is what you will definitely need for the whole period of Winter Olympics, because, despite the fact that Sochi 2014 is considered to be one of the most compact Winter Olympic Games ever, there is a risk to get lost. Eleven athletic venues will be built and, using special maps, it is extremely easy to get to them – two main clusters are located within 48 km from each other. All you have to do is have a 30-minute ride along a modern railway.



Hotels in Sochi – Russia welcomes!

Each visitor, no matter whether it is a business guest or a leisure traveler, will be able to find a hotel to his taste. High-quality service, cozy rooms, perfect facilities – everything has been already prepared for you to be impressed. For example, Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel or Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina with their swimming pools, tennis courts and fitness rooms suit those, who love comfort and luxury. Sochi is the main resort in Russia, so here each year many significant events take place. One of them – the filmfest Hinotaurus – is held in Sochi Hotel Zhemchouzhina, which is also extremely popular among tourists.

A wide range of cheaper hotels can be suggested as well: 2 star Paradise Park Hotel or Nairi, 3 Star Hotel Meridian and Aks. You have to be careful while choosing hotel to your taste, otherwise, poor conditions can spoil your impressions from Winter Olympics in Sochi.

If do not want to miss a chance to become a part of such significant event as Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, you have to make a plan beforehand. The procedure of purchasing tickets takes time, you should also choose thoroughly among different hotels in Sochi – Russia can’t wait to show you the winter miracle!…

Lane 8- Fall 2013 Mixtape

Lane 8’s first enormous success, Be Mine, released on Anjunadeep, has had the radio show romp-around from the guys at Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy and has received huge support from every route.

The young DJ/producer just released a smooth 90 minute mix on his Soundcloud page.

Featuring numbers such as Joris Voorn’s number 1, Ringo, Monkey Safari’s Hi Life, Pleasurekraft’s Chloroformd, Gui Boratto’s remix of My Head is a Jungle, and Green Velvet’s very popular Bigger Than Prince, Lane 8’s Fall 2013 Mixtape is a perfect blend of relaxing deep house and upbeat house to breeze into the season with.

Be sure to heavily rotate this mix in your playlist as well as keep a strong eye on this up and comer!

The German agency Eventim became an operator of the Olympia ticket program all over the world.

CTSEventim AG is the dealer of service realization and the administrative service of the Olympia ticket program and Paralympic Games in Sochi, 2014 – the organization community site “Sochi-2014” has such an information by forming the subscription of ticket selling news. A man close to the organization company of Games told to “Vedomosty” that Eventim had got the exclusive rights for the tickets realization in the whole world but not only in Russia. He also added that the tickets selling for Olympia Games will begin in February, 2013 but for Paralympic Games – in the middle of the year.

In Russia CTSEventim owns the services of the tickets selling such as “Parter.ru” and “Kontramarka.ru”. The financial characteristics of the cooperation in the organization community and Eventim are not opened.

The International Olympia Community (IOM) limits the maxi extra change for the Olympia tickets in the level of 20 % all over the world and this commission is in the nominal price. The representative of “Rambler-kassa” tells to “Vedomosty ” that these are quite good figures: usually for small agencies commission for tickets realization is 5 %, for big – 10% . The organization community “Sochi-2014” says that the tickets’ price will be announced in winter. At last Winter Games (Vancouver, 2010) the ticket price varied from 25$ to 1100$ (on the open ceremony). At the finished Summer Games in London the price variety was from 20 to 2012£ in August.

The tickets selling will be fixed through the representative operator only in the federal law about Olympia competition. Yesterday the government approved the corrections to it: the government has a right to regulate prices for tickets from the 1st July 2012 to the 1st July 2014, for the illegal tickets spreading fines in 5-10 face values for natural persons, in 10-20 face values, but less than 5000 rubles for natural faces but for the legal persons – from 500000 rubles to 1 million rubles are being fixed. Besides, the legal persons and individual businessmen are faced by the abeyance of the activity till 90 days.

The specialist close to the organization community notes that the ticket spreading is considered to be illegal but not the selling, it will allow to avoid plans, for example, the Olympia souvenir is being sold and a ticket as a present. The lawyer of “Yustina” Vladimir Pletnev considers that it will be easy to call to account the legal persons in such conditions but it will be more difficult with private speculators – we need the customers’ evidence. The employee of the police central staff says that it is very complicated to punish for the resale of not big groups, he also adds that the new corrections can solve this task.…

Intel Partners With Flume for Commercial

Advertisers have an important job of figuring out creative ways to capture the attention of their audience.  Music seems to be the growing trend of how commercials draw in consumers, and EDM in particular is taking over the broadcast advertisements on television.

The 21-year-old Australian producer Flume has been making waves with his futuristic beat that sets him apart from everyone else, and we are obviously not the only people who see that.  Intel, a semiconductor chip maker corporation, got wind of this DJ’s talents and has partnered with Flume to promote their new line of tablets.

They created a 3-minute commercial that shows a robot and his music studio (consisting of many intel tablets) coming to life to play Flume’s brand new track, “Intelligent Sounds Edit.”  It took them 12 weeks of production, 2,000 developer hours and over 60 active Intel tablets to create this video!  Check out the commercial below and also the behind-the-scenes footage as to how they created the video!

Coastal Cluster
Olympic Park is the heart of the Coastal Cluster, which accommodates 70,000 visitors. Both competition venues and infrastructure elements can be found on this territory.

Olympic Village
It will take only five minutes to get from the Olympic Village to a competition venue of the coastal cluster, and less than fifteen minutes to get to the same venue in a mountain cluster.

Sochi 2014 tickets

Sochi 2014 Ticketing Program is one of the largest in the history of Winter Games, all tickets have already gone on sale and can be easily bought online. Of course, there is a privilege for Russian fans – they can purchase tickets at the official Sochi 2014 website. Residents of the United States, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Bulgaria, countries within the European Union will be able to buy tickets during the Games through CoSport, an Official Resale Ticketing Agent.

The Ever-Increasing Popularity of Air Travel
Ever since the determinedly brave Wright Brothers made the first unassisted flight aboard their plane Kitty Hawk, man has been taking to the sky (and beyond) so as to explore the world. Air travel is fastly becoming the biggest of all the transportation industries, allowing people to shrink the world and go from one hemisphere to another in a matter of hours. Air travel is one of the most convenient ways to move from place to place. First and foremost, there is the speed: most airplanes have a cruising speed of 500 miles per hour or more, so you’re going …

2014 Winter Olympic Games are on everybody’s lips, as well as the host city of this stunning and cool event – Sochi, the pearl of Russia, invites sportsmen and fans from all over the world to enjoy its winter fairytale. So, today our task is to lift the curtain over the coming Olympic Games and answer all questions on the topic you may possibly have. Every aspect, from the minutest details of organization and location peculiarities to Sochi 2014 tickets booking and Sochi Russia map, will be taken into consideration. Make the greatest Winter Olympic event closer!

Visitors and viewers

Explaining the buying fever and strong demand on Sochi 2014 tickets we have to say that this spectacular event is really worth seeing. The number of people involved in it speaks for itself: 5,500 Olympic athletes, 1,400 Paralympic athletes, more than 20,000 of volunteers and 13,000 members of the press. In general the Olympic Park will be visited daily by 75,000 people!

Great opportunities are given to the television audience as well: more than 3 billion viewers will be able to enjoy Sochi 2014 broadcast. What is more, residents from Russia’s major cities will have access to Live Sites, specially equipped with sound, light and big screens. It is the place where all people can watch the Games together, feeling the unique atmosphere. Live Site is where the real team spirit lives!…