Deep House

Lane 8- Fall 2013 Mixtape

Lane 8’s first enormous success, Be Mine, released on Anjunadeep, has had the radio show romp-around from the guys at Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy and has received huge support from every route.

The young DJ/producer just released a smooth 90 minute mix on his Soundcloud page.

Featuring numbers such as Joris Voorn’s number 1, Ringo, Monkey Safari’s Hi Life, Pleasurekraft’s Chloroformd, Gui Boratto’s remix of My Head is a Jungle, and Green Velvet’s very popular Bigger Than Prince, Lane 8’s Fall 2013 Mixtape is a perfect blend of relaxing deep house and upbeat house to breeze into the season with.

Be sure to heavily rotate this mix in your playlist as well as keep a strong eye on this up and comer!

The German agency Eventim became an operator of the Olympia ticket program all over the world.

CTSEventim AG is the dealer of service realization and the administrative service of the Olympia ticket program and Paralympic Games in Sochi, 2014 – the organization community site “Sochi-2014” has such an information by forming the subscription of ticket selling news. A man close to the organization company of Games told to “Vedomosty” that Eventim had got the exclusive rights for the tickets realization in the whole world but not only in Russia. He also added that the tickets selling for Olympia Games will begin in February, 2013 but for Paralympic Games – in the middle of the year.

In Russia CTSEventim owns the services of the tickets selling such as “” and “”. The financial characteristics of the cooperation in the organization community and Eventim are not opened.

The International Olympia Community (IOM) limits the maxi extra change for the Olympia tickets in the level of 20 % all over the world and this commission is in the nominal price. The representative of “Rambler-kassa” tells to “Vedomosty ” that these are quite good figures: usually for small agencies commission for tickets realization is 5 %, for big – 10% . The organization community “Sochi-2014” says that the tickets’ price will be announced in winter. At last Winter Games (Vancouver, 2010) the ticket price varied from 25$ to 1100$ (on the open ceremony). At the finished Summer Games in London the price variety was from 20 to 2012£ in August.

The tickets selling will be fixed through the representative operator only in the federal law about Olympia competition. Yesterday the government approved the corrections to it: the government has a right to regulate prices for tickets from the 1st July 2012 to the 1st July 2014, for the illegal tickets spreading fines in 5-10 face values for natural persons, in 10-20 face values, but less than 5000 rubles for natural faces but for the legal persons – from 500000 rubles to 1 million rubles are being fixed. Besides, the legal persons and individual businessmen are faced by the abeyance of the activity till 90 days.

The specialist close to the organization community notes that the ticket spreading is considered to be illegal but not the selling, it will allow to avoid plans, for example, the Olympia souvenir is being sold and a ticket as a present. The lawyer of “Yustina” Vladimir Pletnev considers that it will be easy to call to account the legal persons in such conditions but it will be more difficult with private speculators – we need the customers’ evidence. The employee of the police central staff says that it is very complicated to punish for the resale of not big groups, he also adds that the new corrections can solve this task.…