Owl Eyes – Hurricane (Cassian Remix)

Earlier this spring, we got a couple of remixes from SF based producer Giraffage and LA’s Goldroom of Melbourne indie-pop songstress Owl Eyes. While this was one of the first times I had come across Owl Eyes, I knew it wouldn’t be the last. Now with the upcoming release of her Nightmixes EPwe’re treated to an official collection of remixes and reworks of tracks off her debut album Nightswim.

Joining the fray is fellow Aussie Cassian with his take on her single “Hurricane”, and boy is it a treat. The bright, housey remix is bursting with Cassian’s signature down-under energy and is sure to set fire to the dance floor. Also featured on Nightmixes are remixes from The Aston Shuffle, Moetz, Playmode, Fractures, and Collarbones – Out October 18th on Illusive/Wunderkind.

Owl Eyes is the moniker of Australian singer/songwriter Brooke Addamo who released her debut album Nightswim earlier this year. Though she’s only 22, Owl Eyes has already been featured on Triple J’s Hottest 100 for the track “Raiders” and her cover of Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”. A remarkably deep, ultra-modern, vibrant collection,Nightswim not only showcases Brooke’s signature pop sensibilities and sublime taste, it firmly establishes her as one of music’s brightest and most innovative songwriters.

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